Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co.Ltd.


Welcome to Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co.Ltd.

Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co.Ltd. (SITH) is a joint venture of Siemens Energy Co., Ltd.  SITH was founded in July, 2005 and is located in Huludao High-tech Zone Industrial Development Zone, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 110,000 square meters and has more than 270 employees. SITH has strong technical force who have many years of experiences in related field. In 2021, SITH was rated as Technology Center of Liao Ning Province.  

SITH integrates Siemens Energy’s technology on the industrial steam turbine and centrifugal compressor with domestic turbine machinery manufacturing capacity to produce advanced industrial steam turbine and centrifugal compressor to meet the needs of Chinese and international markets. We provides manufacturing, marketing, training and field service for turbine, compressors and auxiliary equipment and related products, including the import, export and wholesale of the above products, as well as the installation, maintenance and other related services for the above products. 

At present, our main products are reciprocating compressor, steam turbine, integrally geared turbine compressor and single shaft compressor. With the continuous adjustment of production capacity, advance technology is gradually introduced to realize localized procurement, manufacturing, sales and services. More type of products will be applied into Chinese market in future. 

We are committed to excellent project operation, optimizing business portfolio, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and greatly improving profit potential. Promote the transformation of green energy with innovative solutions and digital capabilities.